AC/DC Conversion Unit

Class Co. s.r.l. concerns with the study and development of power electric and electronic equipments to meet the demands of industrial, and civil system where DC Rectifier Units are necessary, including software and engineering.

Our Production

DC Rectifier Unit for:

Electrolysis Process

Cataphoresis Painting Plants:

Galvanic Treatments:

Emergency System:

DC/DC Converters for Fuel Cells:

Special Power Electronic Applications.

Our potential Customers develop their activities in the Electrochemical, Petrochemical and Electromechanical branches and, generally speaking, in Industrial as well as civil large plants.

We aim to a first class production by giving precise care and assistance during the start-up, post selling service and care maintenance periods.

Our products along with defined Customs and No-Stop Service, are able to satisfy all the needs and the most restrictive technical requirements.

The finest quality of the components used for the production of our Rectifiers and the never ending research carried on by our electrical engineers enables our equipments to work in any site and temperature conditions and to be exploited the highest degree of their potentials.

The quality of our products can be also found in the whole, complete documentation given with the supply, with the almost care to the technical diagram and maintenance booklets.

Class Co is a new company that detected

M.B.H. know-how.

M.B.H. has been working in Power Electric

and Electronic Equipments since 1948.


Workshop is in Cavenago di Brianza (MI) with an area of 1200 square meters as workshop department and of 270 square meters as offices.





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